“I have to admit I was a little skepticle but everything was delicious! I wouldn’t usually eat salads but I LOVED the kale salads! I LOVE the snacks. Especially the kale chips! I used to have cravings at night after dinner but with your snacks during the day with the meals I didn’t even have any cravings late at night this week”




“We don’t even look at the other meal prep services at Fit because the quality just isn’t there. We only buy Mel’s and love supporting you because everything you put our is just so tasty and you can tell that such care is taken in each dish. We also just love the protein fudge!”

Barbra 6/2018


"OMG we already ate all our meals (almost!) The tabbouleh quinoa was insane and the Spaghetti squash chicken casserole was Amazing!! I think we are customers for life. I should pay you $5,200 x 2 for the next 52 weeks of the year. And I am the pickiest eater!!!"

Jessica 8/2017


"On day 3 of the detox and down 7 lbs!! that soup is the bomb!"

Cheree 11/2017


"On day 7 of my detox and I’m not having cravings at all. The salads and juices are very good. I feel full and satisfied."

Marva 10/2017


"I feel so good on the detox, a lot more energetic and light! I’ve completely overcome my cravings and i don't even really want meat anymore. My teenage daughter loves all of the food too which used to be the hardest for me now she wants my healthy food! We love the soups, cheesecakes and fudge the most." 

Christy 10/2017


“Mel my body and liver is thanking you. I feel so much better since starting your meal plans and i’m not craving junk anymore. Even my 16 year old daughter who hates health food loves all your snacks and detox meals. I’m ordering her a snack box so she’ll stop eating mine!”

Cheryl 11/2017


"Amazing…Absolutely amazing…I love everything. I have never liked quinoa…I love it in your salads. The dressings are to die for. They make you want to eat more salad. I can’t believe they are so satisfying..The snacks wow the snacks. You are good. Just ordered another box and am super excited…Thank you for putting this out there. You are amazing. Thank you."

Diana 12/2018


“I started ordering your foods boxes so i could lose weight and get healthier but my 16 year old started eating some too and since we met you in these last 2 months she’s already lost 11 pounds just form eating some of your meals and snacks!  We are thrilled!"

Christy 12/2017


"My daughters Active box arrived and she LOVE it! Thanks for offering such a great option of healthy food."

Therese 3/2018


"These snacks are too good! My roommates are eating them all before I can!"

Gabrielle 3/2018


"Your food is amazing! Thank you so much! I’m so impressed, the packaging and food is incredible! I’m looking forward to every meal."

Amy 1/2018