Active Box (combination snacks & detox)

Active Box (combination snacks & detox)



My most popular health box

Ready to cut out processed foods, quit sugar, increase energy and reboot your body’s metabolic activity?

If you answered yes but don't know where to begin then this is the best health box for you to start with.

Mel’s active box is a combination of the yummiest parts of her proven culinary detox system with an addition of healthy snacks designed to help you take the steps to cutting out processed sodium & sugars from your diet without feeling deprived.

Chef Melanie has designed her plant-based protein snacks to curb your appetite and retrain your pallet and brain to crave unprocessed all-natural treats and not processed junk foods which cause toxic buildup, sluggishness, body fat storage and health and skin problems.

Daily Menu in this Box:

  • green protein smoothie and or veggie detox juices
  • chia parfait
  • mels naturals snack
  • Detox veggie soup
  • kale salad
  • x 5 day plan. 

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