3 Day Meal Plan

3 Day Meal Plan


This box includes 6 meals, (3 lunch entrees (soup or salad), 3 dinner entrees, 3 cold pressed juices or green protein shakes, 3 chia bowls & 3 Mel's Natural snacks)

Ideal meal plan for 3 full days of your week.


Mel's daily recommended meal plan for ultimate fat burning and system rejuvenating results:


Morning water fast (complete 1 morning Hiit routine while fasted) until 11am for beginners and up to 2 pm for advanced intermittent fasting.

Break fast with 1 cold pressed juice or green protein shake and 1 chia bowl

have 1 soup or salad for lunch 

have 1 Mel’s Naturals snack mid afternoon

have your dinner entree before 7 pm.

Fasting period begins at 7pm each night and ends after minimum of 12 hours and up to 16 hours that following day.

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